HAVI Solutions – your partner for data migration, data quality and management of enterprise-wide information

HAVI Solutions is the specialist in the provision of services for all aspects relating to data migration, data quality and document management. We have offered companies a one-stop solution – from services and support to hard and software – designed for consolidation, restructuring, quality assurance and the streamlining of enterprise-wide information since 1994.

HAVI moves mountains. Data migration, fast and secure.

Our true excellence is data migration. We are one of the leading, vendor-independent specialists for data migration in Europe for more than 20 years, clocking over 600 successfully implemented projects. Our special migration method, time-proven in hundreds of projects, allows us to migrate extremely large and complex datasets to your new system, on time and within the budget. Our extraction expertise extends to all established systems (BetaSystems, Ceyoniq, COI, d.velop, DocuWare, EASY, ELO, EMC Documentum, GFT Hyparchiv, IBM ContentManager, IBM FileNet, IQDoQ HyperDoc, Mobius, OnBase, OpenText, Optimal Systems, Saperion, SER and many more). Alternatively, HAVI provides the storage connector to migrate truly monolithic archives in the double-digit terabyte range. Click here to find out more.

HAVI manages documents and information. Organising and archiving company data.

Call on an expert you trust when it comes to managing your company data. HAVI has years of expertise in the fields of DMS and ECM and is happy to provide you with a tailored services portfolio to support you in the operation, restructuring or upgrading of your document management system. We deliver electronic data archiving and offer, e.g., corresponding data processing for any format you require and of any origin, alongside classification and indexation suitable for your archive, data conversion, quality enhancement and backup.

A significant number of large clients have trusted our product AFP Solutions to process complete print data streams for years now. In HAVI-Langzeitarchiv® and HAVI NetArc, we provide you with a system designed to place old datasets in long-term archives to meet the requirements of future audits. You can be certain that we offer maintenance and support for all of our products.

HAVI and the personal touch. We build our business on close cooperation with the client.

Personal support is a mainstay in our work. The complexity and scope of data migration in particular is underestimated quite frequently. This is why we take sufficient time to provide in-depth consulting when it comes to the timeframe, effort, opportunities and requirements most commonly involved in migration and most specifically in your situation.

We operate hand-in-hand with the client in the following project phases, also. Your personal HAVI consultant, leading a team of experienced specialists, will accompany you during the planning and design, coordination, organisation and implementation, right through to the final handover, and is quite naturally on hand should questions crop up later on.